B.S. (2012) University of California, Santa Barbara
Davison Life Sciences C226


  1. Courses Taught
    1. Concepts in Biology (BIOL 1103)
    2. Introduction to Evolutionary Biology (GENE 3000)
  2. Awards and Funding
    1. Mary E. Case Award for Excellence in Teaching (2016)
    2. Linton and June Bishop Graduate Fellowship (2016)
    3. NIH T32 Training Grant (2015-2017)
Research Area: 
Selected Publications: 

Arthur, N. J., and K. A. Dyer. 2015. Asymmetrical sexual isolation but no postmating isolation between the closely related species Drosophila suboccidentalis and D. occidentalis. BMC Evolutionary Biology 15:38.

Research Interests Detail: 

My research focuses on process of specation and the evolution of behavioral isolation between species.  Specifically, I am interested in the process of reinforcement, in which interactions between species in areas sympatry drive the evolution of assortative mating.  My dissertation research involves exposing two closely related species of Drosophilia to a multigeneraltion experimental sympatry assay inwhich I replicate the conditions necessary for renforcement to occur.  I am interested in determining if this process can not only drive the evolution of behavioral isolation between the two species, but also drive the evolution of specific male traits that are important for mate acquisition (cuticular hydrocarbons).