Graduate Student

B.S. (2014) University of California - Davis

Research Area: 
Selected Publications: 

Cooper, B.S., P. Ginsberg, M. Turelli, and D. Matute. 2017. Wolbachia in the Drosophila yakuba complex: pervasive frequency variation and weak cytoplasmic incompatibility, but no apparent effect on reproductive isolation. Genetics. 205:333–351.


Research Interests Detail: 

My research focuses on the coevolution of Wolbachia, a common endosymbiont of Arthropods, and its drosophilid host, Drosophila recens. I am particularly interested in using this system to understand the genetic basis of Wolbachia-induced phenotypes, the evolution of host genetic factors involved in Wolbachia suppression and how these phenomena affect Wolbachia frequencies within species and prevalence among species on an evolutionary time-scale.