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Renjie Shang

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PhD Candidate

B.S., Ocean University of China, 2014-2018

Research Interests:

My primary interest is Development and Stem Cell Biology. Skeletal muscle is one of the largest tissues for mammals, accounting for around 40% of body weight in human. The robust regeneration and proper homeostatic control of muscles depend on muscle stem cells. In aging and muscle disease conditions, the maintenance of muscle stem cell pool requires tight regulations of the stemness for these cells. Therefore, the ultimate goal of my graduate research is to study the key molecular mechanism that determines the fate choice of muscle stem cells, and also explore the translational value of the knowledge to improve muscle health.

Selected Publications:

* indicates co-first authors

1. Shang R, Zhang H, Bi P. Generation of mouse conditional knockout alleles in one step using the i-GONAD method. Genome Research. 17 December 2020

2. Zhang H, Wen J, Bigot A, Chen J, Shang R, Mouly V, Bi P. Human myotube formation is determined by MyoD–Myomixer/Myomaker axis. Science Advances. 2020; 6 : eabc4062 18 December 20203. 

3. Zhang H, Shang R, Bi P. Feedback regulation of Notch signaling and myogenesis connected by MyoD–Dll1 axis. PLoS Genetics. 2021 Aug 9;17(8):e1009729.

4. Zhang H*, Shang R*, Kim K, Zheng W, Johnson CJ, Sun L, Niu X, Liu L, Uyeno TA, Zhou J, Liu L, Pei J, Fissette SD, Green SA, Samudra SP, Wen J, Zhang J, Eggenschwiler J, Menke D, Bronner ME, Grishin NV, Li W, Ye K, Zhang Y, Stolfi A^, Bi P. Evolution of a chordate-specific mechanism for myoblast fusion. bioRxiv. 24 July 2021.

5. Snyder MM, Yue F, Zhang L, Shang R, Qiu J, Chen J, Kim KH, Peng Y, Oprescu SN, Donkin SS, Bi P. LETMD1 is required for mitochondrial structure and thermogenic function of brown adipocytes. The FASEB Journal. 2021 Nov;35(11):e21965.

Of note:

Linton and June Bishop Graduate Fellowship, 2021

Graduate Education Advancement Board Fellowship, 2021

Dissertation Chair

Assistant Professor

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