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4203 Miller Plant Sciences

My research goal is to unravel the genetics of flowering time for two ecotypes of switchgrass, which is a potential biofuel. I am especially interested in understanding the mechanisms that drive delayed floral transition in Lowland switchgrass compared to Upland switchgrass.  In particular I am looking for structural genomic changes that may underlie divergent flower timing between these two ecotypes. Because late flowering causes switchgrass to be in a vegetative state longer, we hope to research into delayed flowering will inform genetic strategies for producing higher biomass from switchgrass.

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1. Odonkor S, Choi S, Chakraborty D, Martinez-Bello L, Wang X, Bahri BA, Tenaillon MI, Panaud O, Devos KM (2018) QTL mapping combined with comparative analyses identified genes for reduced shattering in Setaria italica.  Frontiers Plant Science