________ Review submission and form deadlines for your graduation term on the Graduate School's website under the Current Students tab, Important Dates & Deadlines

________ Apply for Graduation via Athena no later than Friday of the second full week (the first full week for summer) of classes in the semester of the anticipated graduation date. Students must be registered for a minimum of three hours of graduate credit the semester in which they complete all degree requirements.

________ At least three weeks before defense, reserve rooms (through Genetics office) for final seminar and a conference room for the defense.

________ Notify the Graduate School of date of Final Defense via the graduate program assistant (B110) or Graduate Coordinator.  Provide CAN number (Student 810XXXXXX number from UGA ID card; nine digits only), date, time, place, title and committee members. Must be done at least three weeks prior to exam date.

________ Dissertation/Thesis copy approved by major professor. Consult Graduate School Style Manual.

________ Dissertation/Thesis submitted to advisory committee at least two weeks before scheduled defense.

________ Preliminary Dissertation/Thesis format check. Submit by the deadline posted for your graduation term (approximately three weeks prior to final defense form/ETD submission deadline).

________ Corrections (requested by advisory committee) on dissertation/thesis completed.

________ Complete final ETD submission. Click here:  https://getd.libs.uga.edu/

________ Doctoral Final Defense Approval Form or Masters Thesis Defense & Final Examination Approval Form completed and turned in to Graduate School. Copies made and filed with graduate program assistant (room B110).

________ Laboratory space cleaned, departmental keys returned, and student exit checklist completed and given to the Business Manager (B108) (including your forwarding address).

________ Formal commencement exercises are held in May and December. If you wish to participate, see the Graduate School web page for details on deadlines, dates and regalia rental. Be certain to let your major professor know well in advance if you wish him/her to be present to "hood" you at the ceremony.