The faculty trainers on this grant that student trainees work under for their dissertation research include most regular and adjunct members of the Genetics faculty.


The current training faculty are:

Jill Anderson - Assistant Professor of Genetics

Michael Arnold - Professor of Genetics

Jonathan Arnold - Professor of Genetics

Jeffrey Bennetzen - Giles Professor of Genetics and GRA Eminent Scholar

Casey Bergman - Associate Professor of Genetics

John Burke - Associate Professor of Plant Biology

Gaelen Burke - Assistant Professor of Entomology

Shu-Mei Chang - Associate Professor of Plant Biology

Brian Condie - Associate Professor of Genetics

Melissa Davis - Assistant Professor of Genetics

Kelly Dawe - Distinguished Research Professor of Plant Biology and Genetics

Katrien Devos - Professor in Grass and Comparative Genomics

Diana Downs - Professor of Microbiology

Kelly Dyer - Associate Professor of Genetics

Arthur Edison - Professor, GRA Eminent Scholar

Jonathan Eggenschwiler - Assistant Professor of Genetics

David Garfinkel - Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Travis Glenn - Associate Professor of Environmental Health Science

Dave Hall - Associate Professor of Genetics

Anna Karls - Associate Professor of Microbiology

Edward Kipreos - Professor of Cellular Biology

Jessie Kissinger - Professor of Genetics

Sidney Kushner - Distinguished Research Professor of Genetics

James Lauderdale - Associate Professor of Cellular Biology

James Leebens-Mack - Associate Professor of Plant Biology

Zachary Lewis - Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Wolfgang Lukowitz - Assistant Professor of Plant Biology

Nancy Manley - Professor of Genetics

Rodney Mauricio - Professor of Genetics

David Nelson - Assistant Professor of Genetics

Michael McEachern - Professor of Genetics

Douglas Menke - Associate Professor of Genetics

Allen Moore - Distinguished Research Professor and Department Head

Andrew Paterson - Regents Research Professor

Kenneth Ross - Professor of Entomology

Paul Schliekelman - Associate Professor of Statistics

Robert Schmitz - Assistant Professor of Genetics

Michael Strand - Regents Professor of Entomology

Andrea Sweigart - Assistant Professor of Genetics

Michael Terns - Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Chung-Jui Tsai - Hayes Professor and GRA Eminent Scholar

Esther van der Knapp - Professor of Horticulture

John Wares - Associate Professor of Genetics

Janet Westpheling - Professor of Genetics

Michael White - Assistant Professor of Genetics

The University of Georgia, and its many units, are committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty and students, and sustaining a work and learning environment that is inclusive.  Women, minorities and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution.