Evolutionary Genetics

Evolutionary Genetics Personnel

Evolutionary ecology and evolutionary genetics of natural plant populations: local adaptation along environmental gradients; genetic basis of local adaptation; natural selection in contemporary and simulated future climates; seed dispersal; evolutionary consequences of global change

Hybridization and evolution: process of gene exchange between organisms in nature; hybridization as an evolutionary stimulus

Research in the Bergman lab aims to infer the mechanistic and evolutionary forces that have shaped modern genomes over long periods of time in their natural environments.

Population genetics and molecular evolution; genetic basis of adaptation and speciation; intragenomic conflict and selfish genetic elements; host-parasite interactions; insect ecology and evolution

Mathematical models of evolution and experimental evolution in yeast: evolutionary questions that can be addressed with mathematical models or experimental evolution

Systems biology of host-pathogen interactions, Genome evolution in eukaryotic parasites, Databases, Ontologies, Data mining and Data integration of 'omics (genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, lipidome), clinical, immunological, epidemiological and experimental metadata.  

Invasive species and ecological genetics of adaptation: how genetic variation is relevant to organisms; evolutionary genetics of invasive plants; integrate field experiments with genetic techniques; learn fitness effects of traits and selective histories of genes

Developmental regulation and evolution of vertebrate morphology: how the expression of limb genes is regulated and to what degree changes in the regulation of limb genes contributes to evolution of divergent limb morphologies; identification of regulatory elements that control expression of limb

Ecological genetics of natural populations: gene flow and molecular evolution in natural populations; effects of asymmetrical dispersal (marine species); dispersal of marine larvae and effect on balance of diversity of coastal communities

Evolutionary Genomics and Sex Chromosome Evolution