Our department offers a supportive and unique training environment across the full spectrum of genetics, bridging the disciplines of molecular genetics, development, genomics, and evolutionary biology.

The Department of Genetics is in UGA's Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.


Undergraduate - One of the best majors in the United States

The Department of Genetics offers one of the best undergraduate majors in the United States. As part of the Southern Regional Education Board's Academic Common Market (where students from Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi and Tennessee can major in Genetics while paying in-state tuition), our major attracts the brightest students at UGA. Our coursework in modern genetics, combined with opportunities for research, will make your application to graduate or medical school stand out.

Graduate - Be at the forefront of a scientific revolution

The decision to go to graduate school is not always easy; you must weigh many personal and professional concerns. Where will I get great training that will help me to further my career? Where can I keep a healthy balance between my life and my work? A degree in Genetics from UGA is the answer! We offer a rigorous education, that will make you competitive in the job market, and we offer a supportive learning environment in a fun community.