We are excited to announce the establishment of the Mote Graduate Support Fund for Biomedical Research, funded by a generous gift from Patricia and Doyle Mote.

"Genetic links to many human conditions are constantly being reported in the news. It is important that graduate students at the University of Georgia have the resources and support to further explore these known links and search for new ones. It is for this reason that we have created the Mote Graduate Award for Biomedical Research in Genetics. Each year the funds from this award will provide a graduate student support for scientific research which could lead to new discoveries that will benefit the health and well-being of mankind."

Past winners of the Mote Graduate Support Fund for Biomedical Research

2019 Angel Flores

2018 Brittany Jenkins

2017 Jonathon Walsh

2016 Nick Morffy

2015 Ping Yu

2014 Rodney Jarvis

2013 Ranjani Namasivayam

2012 Alexandra Mihala