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Edward Larson

Blurred image of the arch used as background for stylistic purposes.
University Professor of History
Darling Professor of Law
Pepperdine University Richard B. Russell Professor of History
Ph.D. (1984) University of Wisconsin, Madison
J.D. (1979) Harvard Law School

Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters, Ohio State University, 2004

Participant, Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, NSF, 2003-2004

American Spirit Award, Conference on Southern Literature

John Adams Chair of American History, Fulbright Program, University of Leiden, Netherlands, 2001

Albert Christ-Janer Creative Research Award, University of Georgia, 2001

George Sarton Award, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2000

National Civil Liberties Award, American Civil Liberties Union, 1999

Pulitzer Prize in History, 1998

Templeton Prize for Outstanding Article in Science and Religion, 1997

Richard B. Russell Teaching Award, University of Georgia, 1992

Selected Publications:
  • Larson, E.J. 2007. The Creation-Evolution Debate: Historical Considerations. Univ. of Georgia Press, Athens.
  • Larson, E.J. 2007. A Magnificent Catastrophe: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, America’s First Presidential Campaign.  Free Press, New York.
  • Darrow, C. 2007. The Essential Words and Writings of Clarence Darrow. J. Marshall and E.J. Larson (eds).  Random House, New York.
  • Gilbert, S., E.J. Larson, J. Maienschein, M. Ruse and R.M. Young. 2007. The Panda's Black Box: Opening up the Intelligent Design Controversy. Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, Baltimore, MD.
  • Larson, E.J. 2007. The classroom controversy: A history of the dispute over teaching evolution. pp. 63-82 in: Panda’s Black Box: Opening Up the Intelligent Design Controversy. N. Comfort (ed). Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, Baltimore, MD.
  • Larson, E.J. 2005. From Cruzan to Schiavo: Similar bedfellows in fact and at law. Const. Comment. 22: 405.
  • Larson, E.J. 2004. Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory. Random House, New York.
  • Smith, J.C., E.J. Larson, J.C. Nagle and J.A. Kidwell. 2004. Property Law: Cases and Materials. Aspen, New York.
  • Larson, E.J. 2004. Wonderful life: Debating evolution in the age of DNA. Virginia Quarterly Review 80: 71-84.
  • Arnold, M.L. and E.J. Larson. 2004. Evolution's new look. The Wilson Quarterly Autumn: 60-72.
  • Larson, E.J. 2003. The Scopes trial in history and legend. pp. 245-264 in: When Science and Christianity Meet. D.C. Lindberg and R.L. Numbers (eds). University of Chicago Press.
  • Larson, E.J. 2002. Origin was just a beginning. Science 297: 1812-1813.
  • Larson, E.J. 2002. The meaning of human gene testing for disability rights,” Cincinnati Law Review 70: 1-26.
  • Larson, E.J. 2001. Evolution's Workshop: God and Science in the Galapagos Islands. Basic Books.
  • Larson, E.J. and E. Caudill. 2000. The Scopes Trial: A Photographic History. University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville.
  • Larson, E.J., G. Ferngren and D. Amundsen (eds). 2000. The History of Science and Religion in the Western Tradition: An Encyclopedia. Garland Publishing, New York.
  • Larson, E.J. and L. Witham. 1999. Scientists and religion in America. Scientific American 281: 88-93.
  • Larson, E.J. 1998. Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.
  • Larson, E.J. and D. Amundsen, 1998. A Different Death: Euthanasia in the Christian Tradition. Intervarsity Press, Chicago, IL.
  • Larson, E.J. and L. Witham. 1997. Scientists still keeping the faith. Nature 386: 435-437.
  • Larson, E.J. 1995. Sex, Race, and Science Eugenics in the Deep South. The Johns Hopkins University Press. Baltimore, MD.
  • Larson, E.J. and B. Spring. 1988. Euthanasia: Spiritual, Medical, and Legal Issues in Terminal Health Care. Multnomah Press, Portland, OR.
  • Larson, E.J. 1985. Trial and Error: The American Controversy over Creation and Evolution. Oxford University Press.

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