Stained Chromosomes

This document functions not only as a set of recommendations for graduate students in the Genetics department at UGA, but also the rules that govern the relationship between the students, their faculty, and the department. Please pay attention to these rules as you enter and progress through your graduate career at UGA. Faculty should use this as a guide for course advising and steering students through qualifying exams, defense, etc.

  1. Curriculum
  2. Doctoral Advisory Committee
  3. Qualifying Exams
  4. M.S. Degree
  5. Defense and Graduation
  6. Forms
  7. Annual Committee Meetings and Progress Reports
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Administrative Procedures
  10. Other (GGSA, Transportation, Sustainability, Life in Athens, etc.)


This Handbook is meant for students who are currently enrolled in the Genetics graduate program. We accept students through the Integrated Life Sciences program at UGA. If you have found this document and are interested in applying to our program, see this page first.